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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Shape Up - Week 7 (with some disturbing girly content)

Pfft - yeah, there's a great gaping hole between week 2 and 7, but whatever.

Well chicklets, I am still hoofing it with the girrrrrlfriend 3 times a week at lunch - and as for physical difference I don't think I've found one yet.

I keep searching for extra space between my blubber and the seams of my clothing, but so far I've failed to notice anything worth reporting.

As for measurements - They're up to date as of 24/11/10!

Bust - 104cm (5cm DOWN from Week 2)

Waist - 97.5cm (3.5cm UP from Week 2...what the...?)

Hips - 116cm (3cm DOWN from Week 2)

Arms - 39.5cm (0.5cm UP from Week 2...dammitt!)

Thighs - 74.5cm (1.5cm DOWN from Week 2)

Overall, a not too shabby effort I think!
And guess what's the same from Week 2? That's right! I have PMS again!
Oh freakin' joy.
I'm telling you, I am going to be bustin' a move in the bedroom as often as it takes to get a BFP in my comment yesterday of presents equaling sex for the Guru may be obsolete.
However that doesn't mean wrapping some paper towel and shoving it under the tree will pass as a thoughtful gift.
I don't actually know of anywhere that paper towel is regarded as a thoughtful gift.
And speaking of paper towel - how is it that having your period and going about your daily business is fine until you want to exercise?
Almost as soon as I've put my sneakers on I suddenly feel like I have a surfboard made of paper towel in my knickers that's actually waving in the breeze behind me as I walk.
They may be super thin but as soon as you start any activity that requires you to move your legs faster than a stroll, it feels like everything is being shuffled past your bum and out the top of your pants.
I look even more stupid than ususal walking down the road trying to check out my pants and any potential waving paper towel, but not look like I'm obviously trying to check out my pants and potential waving paper towel.
We're totally going to have to leave this town soon - it's getting embarrassing.

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Thanks for the comment - it helps validate the fact that I'm not just talking to myself.

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