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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Shape Up - Week 8

Oh god - in 40 mins I am due to meet Guuuurlfriend for a gym session.

What I'd really rather do is go to the shop, grab a coke, a Crunchie bar and veg at my desk with the collection of catalogues and gossip mags I've accumulated (I am a catalogue whore...I love them and the potential spending power they have over me...).

Maybe I'll do that anyway - after I've hoofed my butt up a steep hill with my cheeks flapping in the wind as the g-force rips them from my face.

But by then it will feel like I've put in all that effort for nothing.

But I want to eat it - I don't care - but I do care - I don't want to eat it...

WHY ARE HABITS SO HARD TO BREAK!? Why does caffeine and sugar in all it's red-labeled, fizzy glory have such a hold over me?

Why do Crunchie bars have to look longingly at me as I pass them by?

Why does the fact that I'm getting results, and I am starting to see them in myself, not help to motivate me right now?

Why am I not a tofu eating, yoga doing, tree hugging, vegetarian hippie-type with not even a hint of cellulite??


Because I love coke and Crunchie bars. And if I ate tofu outisde of a Thai noodle dish I think my mouth would close over and lose faith that I could choose food for myself anymore, and the job needs to be designated to a more responsible adult. it's 32 minutes until I have to go...

And I've not done my measurements again this morning, so I will have to update either tonight or tomorrow.

It all depends on how shagged I am after putting up the Christmas Tree tonight.

Alright, I'm going...really, I am...

And I may or may not walk past the shops.


  1. Motivation needs to come in a damn bottle.
    Totally envious of gym time xxx

  2. lol - yeah, gym time is actually just my lunch break. I have absolutely zero motivation to do anything outside of work hours (and let's face it, no freakin' time to be motivated anyway)so it's either work time or no time.
    When I get home all I want to do is laze on the couch...but then I remember that we have a child.

  3. I find it hard to break habits but it can be done. I gave up alcohol for 7 months this year, it was hard but I did it! I am writing this year off and starting fresh again next year..I want a nice xmas!!!!


Thanks for the comment - it helps validate the fact that I'm not just talking to myself.

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