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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Polly Dolly - Australia Day Casual

Australia Day Casual

Ah, Australia Day. A day where we forget where our neighbours came from and we all toast to each other's health with 'Cheers, Big Ears!'

I find it funny though, I have never been one of those chicks to load up on the flag bikini/singlet/shorts/thongs/sunnies/tattoos. I've always been fairly 'generic', for want of a better word.

And that's how my Polly Dolly portays my Australia Day - some icons are there, but mostly it's about drinking imported beer while watching the men play beach cricket from under a pretty umbrella in all your 1950's, hot, red bikini and high waisted shorts with gorgeous sheer singlet glory, wearing imported sunscreen (the one in my pic, by the way, is one I discovered while I was in Hawaii and it is DIVINE! You smell like sundrenched coconuts all day and it's not tacky or sticky and even if you sweat you don't sweat sunscreen oil. It's so light on your skin and sprays on so well. I still have a can of their 80+SPF baby sunscreen for the Toddler - she doesn't try to run away and thinks sunscreen is fun! YAY!).

And, of course, what outfit is complete unless you have a pair of rockin' Victoria Beckham sunglasses and some girly bangles.

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