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Friday, 18 March 2011

You can't be serious!?

The Guru called me at work this afternoon to let me know that he had some good new for me once he got home.

He wouldn't give me any clues, but needless to say my mind was whirring with the possibilities. One big one in my mind was that he was going to come home saying we got the money for the reno's and I can start choosing new drapes (not curtains, people, DRAPES. Because I want them to pool on the floor like something out of a magazine...and while this display home theory doesn't go hand in hand with having a 2 year old - I can dream.)

He got home not long after the Toddler and I. And I smiled, waiting with baited breath for the news that our house was to be transformed.

Him: 'So, the good news is...'

Me: (Insert wistful thoughts) 'here it comes - I'm going to have an ensuite!'

Him: 'I was talking with (insert pal's name) and he found out...'

Me: (Insert wistful thoughts) 'oh, I get to shop for bathroom accessories - I never thought I'd be excited to shop for a toilet...(insert reality here) 'wait, what has (insert pal's name) got to do with the reno's?'

Him: 'that for $65 I can change my flights to spend three more days in Bali* with the boys!'

(Insert crickets chirping and tumbleweeds rolling)

Me: 'What!?'

I'm not sure what will happen - but if you see anything on telly about a hysterical woman in Darwin wreaking havoc, well...just hope I left the Toddler with my Mum.

* I should clarify that his boy's trip is for 5 days in Bali over Easter. And now he wants to add 3 more days. And I want to remove a testicle.

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