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Monday, 4 July 2011

Happy Birthday

Well, it was only a matter of time before you caught up to me - and now we're two peas in an age-pod.

You're 27 going on 50, just as your daughter is 2 going on 25. It's a household full of people older than their years. Except for me - I'll always be immature enough to drag you back ;-)

I hope today makes you smile and laugh, as much as a Monday can. But it's your birthday and you got to see the new Transformers movie last night, in 3D, child free. You said I would have bawled my eyes out from the first scene**, so we know it was an awesome idea for me not to have been there.

You are so very important to the Toddler and I. I don't see how we could make every day 100% perfect if you weren't around to share it with us. She can't tell the time, but the Toddler can look outside and see the sun starting to set, and she knows that your car will soon be pulling up, and she'll be scrambling to make it halfway down the stairs to greet you.

The days you work late, and it get's darker and darker outside, I can see the worry on her face as she asks me 'Daddy coming home, now?'  We both know the hours and workload that come with what you do, and that it keeps a roof over our heads and food on the table. But we feel sad when you're not under that roof, or sitting at that table, with us.

We're so very glad the Financial Year is over, again, and we have you home from work at a reasonable hour. I promise I'll stop threatening to call the CEO and tell him I think he's a slave driver. Or just an asshole. Until next year.

I can never put into words just how much we love you, and just how much we will always need you. You're a husband and a Daddy, but above all, you're you.

And no one else will ever compare.

Happy Birthday to the Husband and Daddy of our dreams...

Love Wifey and Peanut

** When I went to see the first Transformers movie, I cried through most of it. I can't handle when anything get's hurt and when the yellow bee car got hurt, I started to sob and couldn't stop. It was then and there that the Guru and his friends decided I was no longer allowed anywhere near a Transformers movie. And I thank them for it.

I'm terrible with anything sad in a movie. As in when I hear the American Tail animated movie theme song "Somewhere Out There" in a supermarket, I have to drop what I'm doing and leave before I burst into tears and embarrass myself, again. Making movies about lost little mice with sad songs and then marketing them to small children...Spielberg, for shame. I haven't seen that movie since the first time when I was 4 - it breaks my heart, and 23 years later I'm still blubbering.

I have a long list of movies I can't watch without turning into a giant puddle, and the Guru will be watching 98% of anything Disney-ish or just plain sad with the Toddler. Emotionally, I just can't handle it.

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