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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

You are now entering the Tw-iPhone Zone

I have always been afraid of touch screen phones. Why, you ask? Because I tried one, once, and it screwed me over.  Well, Optus and Samsung did, anyway.

And it scarred me. But not for life, it would seem. Because although I rebelled for 2 years...I am now the confused technologically outwitted proud owner of an iPhone.

Yes! Bow before it's sparkly white glory - because it shall never sparkle like this again. Previous experience has taught me that owning a white phone requires much maintenance. And most of the time I just can't be stuffed.

Also, it's bound to get a little dirty with a Toddler handling it all the time.

You see, the Toddler is teaching me how to use my phone. I would be ashamed, but I'm too busy trying to watch her and remember how to enter a contact.

So it seems I'm trying once again to remain current with my child the world.

But I swear - if this phone stops working, I'll be sworn off touch phones for life, and I'll have to go back to a phone with real buttons.

I'll probably have to get the Toddler to teach me how to use this one too.


  1. congrats on the Iphone I want one badly lol!

    shel xx

  2. congrats on the Iphone I want one badly lol!

    shel xx


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