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Friday, 5 August 2011

Friday Fluff

Wow, I've been mega slack on the Friday Fluff, haven't I? And I've had some HILARIOUS moments that are ideal for it. But I'll unveil my favourite...

I have been in 'furniture-relocation-lockdown' for some time, ever since the Guru came home from his holiday to a complete re-arranged home. But the lockdown has been repealed and I even managed to recruit the Guru into moving a few things for me.

I love moving furniture around and trying to re-create spaces. But I confess that the urge has grown rapidly since I started watching the new series of The Block and The Renovators. And not currently being able to knock down walls means the furniture bears the brunt of my room design mania.

Reality TV has a lot to answer for in our home.

After shuffling bookcases, coffee tables, entertainment units, TV's and other items of the electronic kind, it came time to move the couches and clean underneath.

Needless to say the room looked like a confused squirrel had come in and tried to make it's mark on the design world. Squirrel fail.

Yeah, there were no squirrels doing anything in our home.
Only 2 chickens and 2 cats...having a Mexican stand-off
over territorial lines. And they were outside. Image Credit

At this point the Toddler came in, I suppose to see what all the scraping, huffing and grunting was about. She stood in the doorway, eyeing the view...and like mana from heaven, forgotten toys emerged.

I wish mess in my house looked this glamorous. Image Credit

"That's Amazing!! My toys come back! Do it again!" ~ The Toddler

So from now until Christmas I'm not cleaning under the couches. Score 1 for the Toddler helping me avoid housework.

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