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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Rockin' Nails and Finding Awesome Stuff

I painted my nails today. Well, I painted them again. I bought a really sexy red colour from the MAC counter in David Jones while I was in Adelaide - I painted my nails as soon as I got back, and the day after I smashed the entire bottle of red all over our white tiles. I then proceeded to spend the rest of the day scrubbing the floor with acetone and bleach to return the pearly white colour to the tiles, but a side effect was that my nails were ruined.

I tolerated it for a week, and finally on Saturday found a deeper, more grape red colour with metallic tones that looks so hot, it's not funny. So I've cleaned off the MAC Red and applied the Revlon Grape/Maroon. Nice.

I was motivated to do a bit of a clean out on Saturday afternoon too - and as a result I found a $100 Betts voucher from Xmas that I haven't used (the Guru knows me too well!), a voucher for a manicure I got from a friend of mine for my birthday, and lastly a voucher I got from work for the local day spa for a pamper.

Cleaning has developed pay offs this week that I didn't know were available! If only every week was this exciting. But I know next Saturday my big finds will simply consist of toy parts. Really not the same thing - a manicure just blows that out of the water.

I've asked the Guru if random vouchers could become a weekly bonus, and that I'd be happy to use the housework as a form of scavenger hunt to find the loot. Apparently we aren't Victoria and David Beckham, so it won't be happening. I said it wouldn't happen then anyway because Victoria honestly wouldn't do her own housework. She has servants. The Guru still said no. Sigh.

I can dream...a lot...

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