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Monday, 18 October 2010

Cars. Difficult to remember where to put your kids some days.

I'm high up on my soap box today. Because this morning I read this article: "Drunk driver had 3 children in boot".

Needless to say the fact that she had 7 children, plus herself in a 5 seater car while allegedly intoxicated, un-licensed and speeding makes my blood boil.

She's apparently begging for public forgiveness. She should be begging her children to forgive her absolute stupidity. And if they're smart, they won't.

The 2 pieces of 'verbal gold' from this woman that I am somewhat focused on at the moment are:

"She said the children "climbed in the boot" themselves."


"I've got three kids in hospital now that I have to worry about because they climbed in the boot," she said."

Now, I have to agree with comment 1 - children are forever climbing into car boots of their own accord. Personally, I am forever having to double check that the Toddler is strapped into her car seat and hasn't slipped out to ride in the boot. Because god know's I'm always forgetting to put her inside the car when we go out.

I was just strapping her to the roof but it became a problem when I needed to put stuff in the back of the car and couldn't get the doors open because of the rope. And apparently child services have a problem, too.

The other day I busted the Toddler, with a lock picking kit she grabbed off e-Bay, trying to break into the boot so she could ride in there when we needed to head to Coles later in the day.

But I completely understand. Some days it's just so hard to remember where children are meant to sit in a car.

And I'm glad this woman has her priorities right when she says she NOW has 3 kids to worry about.

Phew, thank goodness it's only 3 that had to be hospitalised - how embarrassing if it had been all 7.

And please, don't feel like you HAVE to worry about your children - you weren't worried about their safety before the accident, so why now? Oh, that's right, now the public are aware you need to put on the right persona.

She is a selfish, awful excuse for a parent. And I know that's harsh, but what else is there to think?

There is no excuse for her behaviour - and I don't mean to trivialise the situation by what I've written above - I just want to highlight the stupidity of her comments, which are just failed excuses.

Because honestly, when have you ever been known to drive around with children in the boot of your car!? How many times have you ever had to think to check the boot because your child might have got in there?

All the children got to see the motorbike parade - so if she was only aware of having 4 of her 7 children with her to go, when all 7 piled out of the car, what about that situation didn't make her stop and think? And then why the hell would you let them get back in and drive them home again in the BOOT!?

This is just pure idiocy, in it's rawest form. And the fact that she may have been intoxicated, and that she may have been speeding enough to lose control of the car, makes this entire situation even more abhorrent.

Yes, there may be more to it (I'm not sure how!) and if there are issues, maybe the family will get the help it needs. I just feel that nothing can justify her actions.

But what do you think? Have I missed the point in my sarcastic, hot headed-ness, or do you agree?

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