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Monday, 6 December 2010

Christmas Joy

Oh yeah - December 1 rolled around and I was on the tree like a rabid possum on roadkill.

I took about sixy shots of the tree - and none of them are good enough. The flash was all wrong, I flicked every light in the general area on and off in different combinations to try and get the prettiness of the lights, but still see the decorations properly.

Basically my skills and my camera were just not up to the task.

And one day, I will fix one or both of these problems.

So for now - I reveal to you the first Xmas Tree in OUR OWN HOME...

Adequate lighting to see the tree - but not the 150 fairy lights!

Twinkle, twinkle little light...

My best a bit rubbish
The Toddler now enjoys turning on the lights at night, and is thrilled that the Guru decided to put lights on the house this year.

That's becase the Guru is suffering from light envy.

Light envy occurs once a year when a member of your household see's someone in your street (or suburb in our case, because we don't just compete with our street apparently...) with a magnificent display of Christmas Joy in the form of lights.

Lucky for us, we have the Griswold's living in our suburb this year. For those who are unfamiliar with this family, please observe the following:

Image from here

Image from here
Now you have some idea of the insane level of Chrismtas Light magic we're up against. Needless to say I sleep with my sunglasses on due to the light level in our town not dropping below eye-searing.

The Guru insists that he does not have Light Envy. I beg to differ. Because driving past, screaming 'I will beat you, Griswold-type family!' and then proceeding to speed to Bunnings to buy Christmas lights says to me you have more problems than you're willing to admit. One being mild insanity - the other being Light Envy.

So far we have some coloured solar lights in a tree, and some icicle type lights hanging above one side of the carport.

The Guru has a week off this week - and I'm anticipating I'll arrive home to our own eye-searing extravaganza, and Power & Water will be rubbing their grubby hands together thinking of all the zero's they'll be adding to our bill in the New Year.

I might just sell that kidney now before it get's destroyed by Christmas alcoholism joy.

The Toddler is also thrilled that this time of year comes with a magic box that opens once a day and delivers a small chocolate.

To the un-initiated, this is also known as an Advent Calendar.

The Guru and I may or may not have one each. And we may or may not be waiting for 24 December so we can sit down and just scoff 24 chocolates all at once.

Ah Christmas - it just brings out the best in our family.

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