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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Birthday Trepidation

The Toddler turns 2 on Wednesday.

I'm expecting my first grey hairs to arrive simultaneously. Because we all know that as soon as your youngest child turns 2, you officially become old and decrepit.

At least, I do.

For some reason the Toddler's second birthday is a happy yet terrifying event for me.

Aside from the whole 'oh dear god I am now the mother of a 2 year old and it means the end of having a baby in the house but I want another baby oh so badly and it's just not happening, nature you suck arse' thing - I foolishly decided to make the Toddler's birthday cake.

And now I'm really starting to sweat.

It all began with an idea of making a cake that was shaped like a butterfly. Awesome, not too complicated (even for a baking retard like myself) and I could always cover anything strange with lollies. Lots and lots of lollies.

Until I went shopping yesterday to try and find a large silicone cake tray.

Needless to say that mission failed.

I've always had things work out fine using a springform pan. However when it comes to traditional, non-stick, metal pans for baking I always end up leaving half the cake behind in the pan.

And the cake looks like the remains of Pompeii - crumbled and disturbing.

But, in my wisdom and in the selective memory of the moment, I bought another metal non-stick cake pan. But not just any pan - this pan makes a cupcake base and a cupcake top, about 10 times the size of a regular cupcake.

So yes - I will be making not one, but TWO giant cupcake cakes for my daughters birthday.

This could end in disaster, and it could also end in joy.

One thing's for sure - I am desperate to find a way to stop the cake from sticking! Any suggestions (other than baking paper because that won't work in this situation due to the shape of the cake pan) to stop cake from sticking is MORE than welcome.

Please - help me to make the Toddler's birthday cake a non-Pompeii type experience...

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