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Monday, 17 January 2011


Jacki over at More Than A Mummy has very graciously given me...drum roll...

I know, right? It's completely undeserved! Especially when you consider I've posted this picture in the past:

Stylish isn't the word I'd be using here!!

But I am incredibly flattered - and I promise to not develop a form of over-reaction...

And so - as a winner of this lovely award, I am committed to the following actions:

Thank and link back to the person who awarded you the award. 

Share 7 things about yourself 

Award 15 more bloggers

Contact said bloggers and tell them about the award

Righto then - let's get started with:

7 things about me...

1. We bought our first home in 2010 and ever since the first day we moved in I have been renoavting in my head...nothing has yet made it into the real world. Yet.

2. We currently have 1 baby child, who is 2 on Wednesday.

3. I am desperate to give our daughter a sibling.

4. I have suddenly become very fragile with regard to my age. Not sure where that's coming from...I am now horrified to think I am the opposite side of 25 and 30 will be knocking on my door before I know it. Sob.

5. I have a shoe fettish which I am passing on to the Toddler. The Guru (aka husband) cries over this a lot...something about 2 year olds not needing leather riding boots when she doesn't even RIDE anything. I bought them anyway.

6. I am at my biggest of my whole life - I look back on photo's of me in highschool and wonder why the hell I had body image issues - I looked fabulous!!

7. I have a very small circle of close/important/amazing/BFF/legendary friends who accept and love me for who I am and know that when I don't answer phone calls or respond to messages it just means I've lost my mobile...again. They all know how scatter-brained I am.

Well - that's how about visiting these wonderful, talented people:

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 Ah, the possibilities!

Bad Mummy

And again, a massive thank you to Jacki at More Than A Mummy - you've made my day! x

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