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Thursday, 10 March 2011

I fell down the stairs this morning

Yep, I did. Smack bang right down the front steps.

I've been whinging to the Guru for months how the decking at the top of the stairs needs looking at because it's slippery, and when it rains (like, ALL THE TIME) it only makes it worse.

I feel now I have done everything I can to prove my point. Including doing a shite 'Evil Knievil' impression on my way down the stairs. Sadly, I didn't land on my feet. Well, I did, but they were up around my face. One of them, anyway.

I called the Guru and screeched something about needing to book time in his diary to discuss renovations. Because otherwise I'm going home this afternoon to burn the house down in a rage*. After I've seen my GP.

* Dear Insurance Company - if my house burns down in the (near) future, it totally wasn't me and you will need to pay for us to build a new home. Without a shitty, slippery deck. And by the way, our new Ferrari was in the drive at the time, and it contained the new 60 inch plasma screen I just picked up from The Good Guys.

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