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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Pulling it together...


So, first of all, apologies for yesterday's 'freak out'.  I have to say, it did help to get it all out, so thanks for tolerating my unhinged moment.

Today is a vast improvement, and to tell you why I would like to present:


  1. Have a friend read my post and send a text message that get's me through the rest of the day in one piece. T, I love you.
  2. Call my Mum and cry about emotionally scarring my husband via email and then proceed to sob.
  3. Go home after work and find my husband not only hasn't left me and taken our child away, but is quite sympathetic to the situation and is even cleaning up the frat party mess of the weekend in an attempt to preserve my limited sanity.
  4. Hugs. Lots of hugs.
  5. Have comfort food for dinner in the shape of pasta. And then have more pasta. With carbonara sauce. Screw the calories.
  6. Hog the television and not care for a single second that the entire family is being made to watch the Lifestyle/ Home channels.
  7. Get to work the next day, alive, and have the breakfast of champions:
    Brekky of Champions - anyone who says chocolate doesn't make everything better is a liar!!
  8. Decide to clean out the remaining items from my diesel-wrecked purse (don't ask) and discover a Dymocks voucher from Xmas.
  9. Go online, ignore work, and spend said Dymocks voucher on books - specifically The Hidden Diary of Marie Antoinette and Notorious Royal Marriages - JOY!
  10. Continue the spending theme and decide to buy a new Inner-B Mum Agenda in Turquoise and an Inner-B Yearly Family Planner. Being (or pretending to be) organised calms the raging river of mess within.
So there you go - this is exactly what has gotten me through the last 24 hours, and I am now about to go out and buy what I need for dinner (another comfort food, happiness meal: schnitzel with mashed potato, carrots and green beans. YUM!), something for lunch and most importantly...


I'll see ya'll on the flip side...literally!

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