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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Polly Dolly: Venetian Masquerade

Venetian Masquerade

The Guru know's if we ever win lottery, a must do is for me to be surgically enhanced in every way possible, and then glamour-off against all the other chicks at the Carnival in Venice.

And if I had the body for it - I would totally be rocking this outfit. It's dark, sexy, seductive and stylish. Everything that I didn't observe on 'The Only Way is Essex'. Those girls are Oompa Loompas in drag...

Which one is from Essex?
Correct! She's the Oompa-Loompa. Wait...hang on...?
Ahem. Moving steadily along.

The red lips and nails give it a splash of colour while everything else is simple and elegant.

It's all about glamour and fun, and I would totally gain points for both in this number!

Short prom dress
$97 -

Luichiny high heels
$90 -

Leather handbag
$1,495 -

Lucie Campbell choker necklace
$5,720 -

Diamond bracelet

Diamond ring
$38,465 -

M·A·C Lustreglass
$15 -

M·A·C Nail Lacquer
$14 -

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