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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Polly Dolly: Packin' Purple

Packin' Purple

Purple - I'm not always a big fan, but I saw this dress and I loved it. It's not too bright, and it's not too sickly either.

I'm always drawn to darker shades of probably has something to do with the fact that I was always told the darker the colour, the more flattering.

I thought the belt helped break up the block of colour, even though I know colour blocking is so 'in' right now. And I liked the shoes because they have a red/purple colouring about them and they go well without being too matchy-matchy.

Either way, this is just a casual outfit to meet with friends over coffee, go to the library, grab some groceries and then pick up the kids from school.

A simple pony tail works well - and it doesn't matter if you haven't washed your hair, it usually gives you better volume and styling ability. And we all know that being a Mum means you don't get to wach your hair every day as you did pre-child...well, not without military style advanced planning and execution.

I would wear this without thinking twice - it hides all manner of sins and can be put together in a flash while trying to get your family out the door!

Button front dress
$23 -

Melissa zigzag shoes
$100 -

Lucky Brand hobo shoulder bag
$199 -

Tag Heuer diamond bracelet watch
$4,500 -

Beaded jewelry
$8.99 -

Ichi studded waist belt
€25 -

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