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Friday, 10 February 2012

Dear Me...on a FFS Friday...

Dear Me,

Well, today has just turned out to be a winner, hasn't it? In terms of a FFS Friday, it's right up there. But mostly you brought it on yourself. Maybe that's why it stings??

Let's review the facts for this morning, shall we?  It started to go downhill when Miss 3 went into a dramatic moment over a pair of socks that she didn't want to wear. No biggie, you said she could find the socks she wanted and you'd put them on for her.

After she got off the naughty spot for screaming in your face about not wanting to wear the socks you'd picked.

Then she couldn't find her blueberries. And so she went into full meltdown. And continued for a full 40 minutes.

Yeah - not her finest hour, and certainly not yours either, judging by the result.

Okay, so she was carrying on like a pork chop in the driveway as you put her carseat back in the car. So what? Are you worried the palm trees are going to judge your parenting skills? They're too busy dropping fronds the size of the Titanic on your lawn and sprouting berries that attract bats to shit everywhere. They have their own way of pissing you off, they don't give a shit about tantrums!

Yes, the carseat was being a prick as usual, it was hot and you were running late. Well, when you have a child, live in the NT and snooze the alarm for 2 hours, this is what happens. Take a cement pill and harden the fuck up, princess.

Okay, she didn't want to eat her breakfast. At least, not the breakfast you had for her. But let's be honest, she was crabby because she wanted left over's from dinner and you had just finished feeding said left over's to the chickens. It's most likely a parenting win that you didn't open the coop and read a book while Miss 3 had left overs with Stewie and Ice-Cream.

Okay, she kept screaming and gaining volume and pitch and didn't want to get in the car. To be honest, neither did you. And she didn't manage to blow out the windows on the car, so what's the problem?

Yes, driving along with a banshee in the backseat isn't fun. But turning around and yelling 'ENOUGH' at her isn't going to solve anything. And you knew that, otherwise you wouldn't have cried.

Remember that look on her face...yeah, the same look used to be on your face as a child. Why would you do that to your daughter? You remember how it felt...why would you repeat that?

Miss 3 is exactly that...3. And she needs you to love her and guide her. Learn from this, remember this and think about it the next time you feel close to losing the plot. She watches you and gains her understanding of how to approach situations through the actions you take and reactions you have.

When you pick her up this afternoon, apologise for yelling. Talk with her and go over the events of this morning. Find out why she felt frustrated and upset so you can help her the next time it happens. Explain to her how you felt and make sure she understands as best she can.

You can't take it back - it's out in the universe now - but you can show your daughter that when we make a mistake, being honest and open about it is the only way to move forward.

And FFS, stop snoozing the alarm - or else I'll make you put an ice pick through it. Whomever invented the snooze button obviously never met you...

Now, don't make me have to talk to you again, it's embarrassing.

Cheers & Beers,
Your Brain.

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