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Friday, 13 April 2012

Week 8 Highlights...

I've decided to document this pregnancy a little better than I did with Miss 3. Although I have done some scrapbooking to cover the first 12 months of her life, it's as far as I got before my scrapping mojo died in the arse.

I feel guilty because my friend is a die hard scrapper - I just don't have the creativity right now.

Anyway, the highlights for week 8 of The JellyBean...

  • The never ending nausea. I won't bother going into detail, because there's a whole post of bitching about this awesome experience.
  • I've turned into Bleeding Gums Murphy. I hate this part - blood makes me gag, even when it's my own.
  • Exhaustion. I could sleep for Australia.
  • Emotional Freak. One minute I'm fine and dandy, the next I've morphed into Medusa. Or I'm drowning in a puddle of my own tears. Damn you, Huggies. And Disney.
  • Brain Power/Memory. I can't be sure that I ever regained the memory space from pregnancy #1, but I know I'm already losing brain cells at a rapid rate this time around and it worries me. But I can't remember why.
  • Libido. Is back! Enough said, really.
  • Pretending to be sad that I can't eat things like raw seafood and soft cheeses. Specifically because some idiot, who hasn't started work with our company yet, signed up to a 'mail order cheesebox of the month club' and had it sent to our building as a friendly gesture. Someone cracked open the box and the noxious odour that penetrated every corner of the building meant I spent a lot of time in the toilet. Can I just ask - who the HELL orders cheese via MAIL!?
  • My perfume makes me feel sick. This really pisses me off - my Mum got me 2 bottles of Be Delicious by DKNY and I can't wear it because the smell now makes me feel sick.
  • I can't use my awesome, favourite, Oral B electronic toothbrush. Because the vibrations in my mouth make me feel like throwing up. So does the toothpaste.
  • Restless Legs. This shits me to tears - literally. I can pace, stretch, drink water, swim and none of it makes any difference. If I'm lucky enough to get an attack, there seems to be screw all I can do about it. I don't remember having RLS until late pregnancy with Miss 3, so this early onset is just balls.
So that's about all for now - all that I can remember anyway, since my memory is failing and my memory is failing.

I feel like I have to go do something now but I can't remember what that was so I'll just watch TV and hope someone reminds me.

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