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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Acidic Observer, The 'What the Fuck, Universe!?' Edition

This week The Acidic Observer comes courtesy of my own life.

There will be swearing, irrational problem solving and more swearing.

They are 100% First World problems, but they are shitting me to tears so I am going to bitch about them here.

Because if I can't bitch on my own blog, then what the hell is the point??

For starters, Power and Water are on my shit list. They are at an all time high on my shit list, in fact. Why? Well, in my experience, when you send out an amendment to a power bill that shows your bill is well and truly covered and you have a surplus to carry over to the next quarter and then the next week you send those same people an ACCOUNT for $1,300 for the same quarter you just told them was paid for - you're going to end up on someone's shit list.

And, frankly, they should be grateful not to be on my 'hit and run list'.

Then the pool man knocks on the door. He's checked on the leak from the pool pump we were talking about, and it's not the 'o' ring.

No, of course it's not the 'o' ring - why would it be something that could be solved for under $10!

The entire fucking sand filter has split, and to make it even better we can't claim it under the 10 year warranty because the pool and equipment came with the house when we bought it, and the warranty isn't transferable.

Are you shitting me!!? Fine, there's another $1,200.

Although I've been wondering how much it would cost just to fill the stupid thing in. I may have mentioned this solution to The Man...

Finally, I wake up this morning and flick on the news only to find the TV in the lounge room has a massive red strip of pixels down one side of the screen.

Yep - thanks Universe - fuck you too.

On the bright side, this irritating shit happens in 3's, yes? So we're done. For now, at least.

Power and Water seem to want money every 3 months.


We really need to invest in a generator.


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