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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Digital Parents June Blog Carnival!

**My apologies for this post being late - I have the flu (and bollocks to the flu, I'd like to add!). I managed to assemble the few brain cells that aren't completely stuffed and we've pressed 'publish'. Hopefully it's not a total balls up**


This post means it's half way through June and only three more weeks until my husband stops working stupid-end-of-financial-year-hours and returns to the fold.

I would just like to say that my sanity will be THRILLED to see him. Miss 3 will also be glad to have him back and it'll mean between the hours of 4:30pm and 8:30pm I will no longer hear:
  • Is Daddy home?
  • When will Daddy be home?
  • Can I check if Daddy's home?
  • Why isn't Daddy home?
  • Why is Daddy at work?
  • Can I go to Daddy's work?
  • Can I call Daddy?
  • Can I call Daddy, again?
  • I can't eat dinner without Daddy.
  • I don't want you, I want Daddy!
  • Will Daddy ever come home?
  • Why are you crying?
Over the next couple of weeks I'm tempted to bring bed time back to 5pm.

So - without further ado, I bring you the Digital Parent's June Blog Carnival!!

Digital Parents Blog Carnival

  • Bernice from 'btsoi blogs' would like to present '(Almost) Wordless Wednesday'. A series of photographs of my boys in the backyard. My older son was a little upset and my younger son took it upon himself to go cheer his big brother up.

  • Talia from 'The Climbing Tree' is updating us on 'Infant Dairy Intolerance: Lior's Story'. This post is about my son and my experience with infant dairy intolerance. It has been a heartbreaking few months, and we're finally on top of things. We've struggled through poor doctors, poor health, and a plethora of different remedies, treatments, and experiements to finally get to the bottom of his health issues!

  • Susie from 'New Day New Lesson' wants us to remember 'Don't Wait for Diease to Force Your Hand'. Disease, especially cancer, has a way of forcing your hand. A way of making you re-evaluate what needs to be changed and what to keep. What I have learned from my patients is to try and not wait until disease forces you to a make a change you know and you need to make.

  • Denyse from 'Tales of School Days Too' is bringing to us 'Families Week Day 1'. I'm Denyse Whelan, and as a retired school principal, mother and grandparent I blog about families, schooling and life. This post is called Families' Week. Day 1. Family Rules and Habits where I outlined what our family's life has been like, and invited readers to do the same in comments. I hope that you find this interesting and comment too! Comments are the connections we make through our blogs. I love that!

  • Shelley at 'Tropical Mum' is sharing 'The Gift of Letting Go'. She was only 15 years old, a Cree girl in a frozen northern town, practically a baby herself. What she was thinking at the time, I'll probably never know, but now that I am a mother, I can try to imagine...

  • Belinda from 'belblogger5' is happy to present 'Learning to Write'. I wrote it after I found a whole heap of paper containing all my youngest daughters squiggles. I even found she had accidentally written a word which I thought was hilarious.

  • Monique from the 'Your Cheeky Monkey' Blog presents 'A Picture Says a Thousand Words'. I'm sharing a very special photo of my new baby girl with her 2 big brothers!

  • Sazz from 'All That Sazz' is popping her Carnival cherry with 'Weaning and The Four Old Breastfeeder'. When cyberspace was all a flutter over the Time Magazine 3 year old breastfeeding cover story, I was quietly breastfeeding my 4 year old, grappling with the changing nature of our breastfeeding relationship as she ages in a culture that shows underwhelming support for breastfeeding at the best of times.

  • Crissy from 'Phenomenal Woman' would like to share her 'Mother's Day'. What started out as a disastrous Mother's day, turned out to be one of the best this far. All of my cherubs in the one place, at the one time, a rare occurrence. Even more so, being treated to my beautiful Boof, cooking dinner for me!

  • Deborah from 'Learn with Play @ Home' wants to show us how easy it is to make a 'DIY Writing Board'. This seemingly simple post ended up being one of my most popular of all time. probably because of the versatility, simplicity and fun of the DIY Writing Board. Here I show you how to make your own DIY Writing Board to use as a memo board for you or as a fabulous learning tool, promoting early literacy for kids.

  • Claudia from 'Crafty Little People' is making us get handy with her step by step guide to a 'Home-Made See-Saw'. My kids attempted to make a see-saw with bits and pieces from the pile of rubbish we had been collecting down the side of our house. This gave my husband and I a good idea to build them a see-saw. The kids absolutely love it so we wanted to share how we made it. Enjoy!

  • Enid Bite'Em is talking about our favourite thing as parents...'Sleep DeprAvation'. Sleep DeprAvation is about why it is perfectly normal to put vegemite in the freezer, toothpaste in the shower, think your husband's head is an alarm clock, or write poetry to your vacuum cleaner about its power to settle your crying baby (or is that just me?)

  • Danielle is proud to present 'Stress is a Four Letter Word'. This blog post was really a call to all mothers who find it hard to be honest about how hard it is to be a Mummy. I have lost so much and sometimes feel so guilty admitting that I do it tough and get frustrated and angry. I want people to understand that even if you know that life is fleeting it is OK to still admit that you get your cranky's on sometimes, just like everyone else.

  • Claire from 'Scissors Paper Rock' is entering the debate on whether 'Breastfed Babies Are Smarter'. I ran into a friend recently who was absolutely devastated that her 8month old was self-weaning off breastfeeding & was now only taking a bottle of formula. I looked over at my 2 healthy, thriving formula-fed babies & thought about the overrated debate between breastfed & bottle fed. This re-emerged some memories of when I had my first born so I decided to blog about it.

  • Danielle from 'Keeping Up with the Holsbys' is sharing the 'Victoria's Secret Diet'. I've never been one for diets but I gave birth 5 weeks ago and I immediately started jokingly referring to my eating habits as the Victoria's Secret Diet. We've all seen how those girls bounce back. A little ice cream? Sure, I'm certain it on the Victoria's Secret Diet. A glass of wine? Just a little, that's all I'm allowed on the Victoria's Secret Diet. Here's a very tongue in cheek account of my new diet and exercise regime to get me back on the catwalk in world record time.

  • Courtney from 'FoodMuster' is tempting us with her recipe for 'Kingston Truffles'. This happens to be a very simple recipe using Arnotts Kingston biscuits, cream cheese and chocolate. So easy, but such an amazing result and anyone can make them. I make these for get togethers and they don't last very long. They are also good to give as a present in a cute jar or bag. The best thing is that if you don't like Kingstons, you can use Oreos, Tim Tams, Mint Slice. Basically any cream biscuit that takes your fancy. Enjoy :-)

  • Karen from 'Yellow Dandy Dreams' is telling us 'Why I Ditched the Baby Books'. This post is about my personal journey in Motherhood and dealing with the abundance of information and advice that you can be overwhelmed with as a new Mum. And, how I am learning to trust in myself and my Mummy instincts rather than thinking I "should" be raising my son a particular way. 

  • Lisa from 'Mum of Adult Kids' is discussing 'Under-age Drinking. Is There Really a Solution?'. I wrote this post in response to media coverage of proposed changes to NSW liquor laws, making the supply of alcohol to a minor illegal even where their parent/s permit it. I have fairly strong opinions about under-age drinking, and having parented my kids through their teenage years, I've had a bit of experience with it too! But I'll be the first to tell you that I just don't have the answers.

  • Peta-Jo is teaching us all 'Lessons on Loving a Cranky Mother'. So what do you do when you love your kids more than your husband?
  • Bron from 'Big Brother, Little Sister & The Baby' is proud to bring us 'Bike Riding'. My fav May post is about my two children getting to bike ride together for the first time thanks to an adaptive trike my son got given, it was something i never dreamed possible due to his physical disability.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, brings us to the close of the Digital Parents June Blog Carnival!

A massive thank you to everyone who participated...

I would like to thank the Academy, Digital Parents, a deity I don't believe in and my second counsin's half brother on his father's side for the opportunity to host the Carnival this month and proving to my husband that when I'm on the computer it's for something sensible...(cue closing music to drown out the rambling...)

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