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Monday, 16 August 2010

Friday the 13th was delaying the inevitable...

And as a result, today is turning out to be crap-tacular!

We're supposed to be moving in to our new house this week. SUPPOSED to be. And due to circumstances beyond our control settlement has been delayed. We're hoping no longer than a week, but there are no guarantees.

And we have to be out of the house we currently rent by the end of this week.

On the bright side, the Toddler is LOVING sleeping on her mattress on the floor (as we dismantled all the beds and things last night in preparation for the move). She bounces on her mattress and laughs like a looney, and seems to think she is oh, so big and clever being able to get out of her bed all by herself and run to Mummy and Daddy's room and jump on our mattress and laugh even harder. Actually, I might watch the video I took on my phone. Her laugh always makes me feel better...

I should have known this was coming. The weekend went waaaaaay too well, and Friday was SPECTACULAR considering it was Friday the 13th. I should have known. Now I look back, everything was way too good. I managed to find the new mobile I've wanted for a while at a great price and they had the colour I wanted in stock. I found 3 pairs of fabulous shoes for the Toddler. And a dress. The Guru actually volunteered to take me out shopping on the Saturday to get away from boxes and we ate lunch out and had a great day together as a family.

Well, the fun was nice while it lasted...

So our stuff is still being picked up by the movers on Wednesday - but rather than going to our nice, freshly painted home they'll be staying in a shipping container in a warehouse until we get the keys.

And then I call Le Cornu to mention this problem to them and ask if they can hold our new couches for another week or so. Nope - they're CLOSING their warehouse and so have nowhere to keep them. So we have to come and pick it up as soon as possible. Oh, and the new 'big girl bed' we bought for the Toddler, that we back ordered to come in around October - well that's here too with the mattress. In the warehouse that they're closing. That if we don't pick our stuff up they'll start charging us a disgusting fee to keep it there as they'll have to keep the warehouse open as long as there's stuff in there. And we'll wear the cost of that.

What was it about 'please don't order/deliver until October' on the paperwork was so difficult to understand? It's on our copy! And they printed it off, so presumably it's on their system...

It feels like today couldn't get any worse if it tried. But then again, they say bad luck comes in 3's so we have 1 more to go today.

Oh joy...I can't wait to see what the universe has in store for us now.

The 3 of us should have just piled in to our bed together and hid under the covers reading would have been much safer.

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