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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Settlement Baby, YEAH!

It's official! We now own our home! Angels are singing on high and I think there may be a meteor shower in celebration.

And thank god the banks decided to get their shit together and finalise it all. Because as exciting as painting was, I was so UN-excited with the idea that if settlement got delayed any further the vendors would pull out and we'd have to be painting everything white again and putting that evil 'For Sale' sign back in the front yard.

And so we enter the next phase of our lives. As home owners. Gardeners. Renovators. Developers. DIY'ers. Oh, I am so looking forward to rocking up to Bunnings covered in dirt/paint/wood shavings/decking oil etc and walking through looking for the 'stuff' we need. To being one of those people who I always envied at sauntering through Bunnings and getting the gear for THEIR home. The one they OWNED.

Well, kiss my grits people because we are now one of you! And while we are still refining our DIY skills, we can smash holes in walls and plant things in garden beds with the best of 'em.

But most of all I am stoked because we finally got the layout of the longe/dining area sorted. And I'm sorry - but there is no way I was going to start packing again after it's taken me a week to finally get it right.

Who knew that finding the perfect spot for the dining table would be such an exhausting task...

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  1. Congratulations hon, so glad everything went through! You won't know yourself. It's funny but the things most of us "crave" in a house of our own are choosing paint colours and creating a garden & vegie patch. These are the things that can turn a great house, into a wonderful home.

    Good luck with getting everything just right and enjoy the adventures to Bunnings. I'm thinking you might need to set up an account! :)


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