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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Be-still my beating clutch - thank you Hanna & Eclu!!

When I enter competitions I never have any expectations. None. Because there are so many other entrants the odds that I'll be chosen are slim.

And that's fine - the universe always has these things under control.

So when Hanna at bouffe e bambini emailed me to say that I'd won the delicious handmade Eclu clutch I almost swallowed my face with shock!

This clutch is just so pretty and soft and wonderful. I love it!

Eclu has so many wonderful items, you have to have a look. Go on, I'll wait...




I know, right!? Totally fabulous and they are just pure pretty in a clutch!

So enough of the babbling - let's have a gawk! (now, these pics were taken on my phone, so I apologise for the questionable quality...)


Did I mention the Guru asked me why I got a purse with a lettuce on it? Did I mention he got a slap??

Ignore pudgy fingers - Admire the owl interior! The Toddler saw the owls on the inside and screeched 'Elly's bag, mummy!'  Yeah...about that...

I am now on a mission to find an appropriate occasion to use this wonderful item.

And even if I don't, I am totally rockin' this clutch to strut down the driveway to the letterbox...

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