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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Layby Fail.

I love layby. I love the end of financial year toy sales and the boxing day sales and all those other sales that seem to come every week or so.

But mostly, I love layby. It means I can pretend I am so totally organised for Christmas and birthdays months in advance.

We picked up the Xmas layby over the weekend and yesterday my Mum and I spent a day wrapping. It was wonderful, opening boxes and gazing at the myriad of toys and other items chosen carefully from the laminated booklet at the K-Mart layby counter.

By the way - K-Mart - I LOVE that process. Do you know how HAPPY I was to know that I didn't have to fist fight other parents for the things I wanted because it was the last on the shelf? It saved a lot of time and bail money. Thanks.

Moving on - the joy of opening boxes soon turned to confusion as I encountered items I didn't remember. Who the hell did I buy the Animal Train for? It's ages 6mth+...the Toddler is almost 24mths and so are all her friends.

Never mind - I can save it for May when my friend's second baby is due.

But wait...why did I get 2 of these? And why...what...huh??

This is when I start to curse my inability to write things down - or even keep track of reciepts. I've wrapped everything I can remember who and why it was purchased - but I have a box of stuff that I've labeled 'What the...?' and it will have to be assessed in the New Year.

I don't have the brain capacity to zip up my pants at the momemt, let alone try and work out who and why these 'extra' items are in my house.

Worst case scenario, they get recycled for next Christmas.

The Guru was not surprised at this. He's never surprised when I turn up with more of the same. I am the person who goes food shopping and brings home 2 large cans of corn because I am convinced we have none.

They then get added to the 15 cans at the back of the pantry. I have the same strange problem with tuna. But we are constantly running out of bread, milk and cat food.

Hey, if we have a cyclone, at least I can build a bunker out of corn cans and feed ourselves and the cats with tuna.


  1. That is pretty funny (I love the line where you say you don't have the brain capacity to zip up your pants! I have been there :)

    Maybe you have someone else's layby and they are creating their own WTF box?

  2. I'm exactly the same! We have so many cans of soup at our place it's not funny. And we hardly ever eat it, so I'm not sure what compels me to keep buying it! I have to say, I'm a big fan of the KMart layby system too - no haggling, no crowds. Very parent friendly! Target should copy!

  3. I too loved the KMart process until I was so organised that they felt the need to knock the wind out of my sails by not having my parcels ready for pick up after I had called through and given the four day advanced notice. Grrrrr!

    And my grocery problem is the same as yours. My layby problem is the fact that my children are old enough (and girly enough) to change their minds so what I thought was a good idea in July is something they're really not that keen on now!

    Turns out Santa kinda sucks at her job over here! LOL


Thanks for the comment - it helps validate the fact that I'm not just talking to myself.

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