Sometimes I need a filter between my brain and my mouth.
This is not the way to get one.

Monday, 31 January 2011


(cricket's chirping...)

 This is me. Metaphorically stuck in the business end of a tumbleweed.

Why, you ask?

'Cos today...I got nothin.  My brain has dried up and gone home...chances are it didn't even get out of bed this morning.


So with any luck, tomorrow I'll have something far more exciting and witty to regale you with.

But as far as today goes, I am as confused and misguided as this rendition of Eminem's 'Without Me' Vs Eurythmics 'Sweet Dreams'.

This is another example of when good things go bad.

And to close - here is some video of cats doing silly things. Because I like to watch, laugh and tell myself I should film my cats more often.

Check it Out

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