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Friday, 21 January 2011

Friday Fluff

So I was all set to do a fluff post on the cake baking escapades of this week.

I was organised. I brought my laptop in so I could plug in the internet cable from my work computer and use one of the many photo's taken during said cake baking.

Sitting down at my desk this morning, I realised something important. No matter how magnificent or powerful the internet at work is - it still won't be able to magically transport photo's from the external, MyBook, brain thingy.

That's on my desk.

That's connected to the network.

At home.


And I felt so special thinking how I could just have Polly (my Laptop) on my desk, in all her glory, and people would waft into my office and ooooh and aaaah over her pretty-ness.

Because my Polly is fabulous.

If I could get access to my photo's I would show you - but it will just have to wait until I get home.

And so - my focus has had to shift. And thanks to Farmer's Wifey I have found something to rant about!

I was happily checking blogs when Farmer's Wifey drew my attention to this video: Baby Yoga

After watching, picking my jaw up off the floor and running into the wall like a stunned and confused bird I sat down and thought about what I had just seen.

Yes, okay - parenting is a very individual thing and some people prefer alternative methods to bring up their children. And let's face it, they're classed as such by people who we have given the power to decide what is 'standard' and what is 'alternative'. But that's another post altogether.

However, I draw the line at allowing someone to flig my child into the air and allow it to be called 'baby yoga'.

Not even adult yoga consists of anything like this!

I am stunned that anyone would allow their baby to be treated in such a way. Babies are so fragile - their delicate bodies, joints and ligaments would be put under a strain that is just not necessary, or safe. And I have to say this kind of practice shocks me.

What happened to baby massage? Or just playing and having fun? Why do some people feel the need to push things to the extreme?

I don't know - maybe I'm missing the point entirely. But this seems so scary and unsafe.

So you tell me, what do you think? Is this Baby Yoga, or is it just dangerous?

Check it Out

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