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Thursday, 15 July 2010


So the Guru called...

Apparently we just bought a house.

Why is that so exciting and yet nauseating at the same time? Oh, that's right - we're half a mil in debt for the next 30 years.

On the bright side I can hang anything I want, wherever I want and those stupid 3M hooks can kiss my arse. No more falling pictures in the middle of the night, no more sobbing when something that looks so fabulous is too freakin' heavy for a stupid 3M hook.

I can get rid of palm trees instead of tolerating them shedding fronds all over our yard, get new lawn and have the garden we want.

No more pointless rent - hello worthwhile investment.

Did I mention it has the most amazing pool...if I was the owner I'd be kicking myself for putting something so awesome in a property that I sold less then 2 months later. But it's ours now - mwahahahahahaha!

The Toddler is going to love us - she isn't worried about the house, she's a water baby and as far as she's concerned we just bought her some serious dollars worth of pool water. We are super parents -yeah!

I've just looked up and noticed that Cindy Crawford is hawking something that keeps you young and that they test on melons to keep them from rotting. Interesting. If I ever have a complexion equal to that of a rockmelon peel, I'll be lining up for that stuff. It will stop mouldy holes appearing in my face. Which is always a bonus I think.

Shame it doesn't make that mole on her face disappear. It's cute from a distance, but the close up's are scary.

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