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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

My Designer...

is totally in the newspaper today!

Link to article here
And yes, Kevin is totally MY designer. He made my dress for the Coleman's Cup Race Day and, although the fact that I wore it was a tragedy, the dress was A.MAZ.BALLS.

Which is better than just amazing, if you were wondering.

I told anyone who would listen who made my dress, and my fascinator. I think I was on the verge of running on to the race track to make a public announcement when it was decided we had to leave.

I'd never worn anything made from silk before, other than my wedding dress. And now Kevin has me hooked. I'm addicted to the swish, the softness, the GLAMOUR! I'm not used to feeling so awesome in clothes.

My standard outfit is denim shorts and a top of some sort. It's the kind of outfit I hope hides my Mummy-tummy and makes my arse look smaller.

It's not always successful, but the more I look at clothes the more I realise clothes are containing more spandex and covering less surface area. I don't care how Yummy-Mummy-ish you are, it is NOT cool to have two sets of lips visible to the world.


So having a friend who is a designer means I avoid looking like I'm wearing a burlap sack, or a stripper costume, when I go out. And that's a goal that should be on every woman's list, every day.

Our next project, I hope (hint, hint), will be a cute summer dress...grecian style and long, that's soft, floaty, girly and perfect for romantic evenings or family walks on the beach. Because we all know walking on the beach with your family needs a dress that makes you feel pretty, happy and catches in the wind for that classic beach pose...

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So, Kevin babe - here's to you and thank you for bringing fashion to Darwin and to me. God knows what we'd be wearing without you. x

P.s.: You should totally hire me as your publicist...just sayin'

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