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Friday, 2 September 2011

Friday Fluff: The Water Edition

It has been water central at our place, recently. If it wasn't rescuing the pool from complete destruction by green and potentially germ-warfare-worthy pool water, it was counting down to water play day at daycare and being reminded daily by the Toddler that she was going to do water play this week.

Discussion topics were fairly limited given the central theme for life, this week, was water.

'Mummy, I gonna play in water this week!'

'Yes Baby, I know...'

'But not today.'

'No, Baby, not today - you'll have water play in 3 days/on Thursday/tomorrow...'

'Can't swim in our pool - it's gone YUKKY!'

'Yep, sure has, but the pool man is fixing it this week so we can swim soon.'

'Mummy swim too?'

'I'll come swimming too, I promise.'

'Mummy have water play at her work?'

'No, I don't get to have water play - that's something special just at your daycare.'

'Poor Mummy...your work is dry.'

I was then given a dramatic hug, in obvious sympathy of my dry workplace.

If only she knew how true her words were.

Working appeal would obviously improve drastically with the installation of a sprinkler and slip'n'slide within my office.


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