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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Happy Birthday...

Well, the day is here - and the Toddler is no longer a Toddler.

She's now Miss E, who now is 3.

Heh, I'm a poet and I didn't know it.

Yeah, I'll stop now.

To our precious little girl with the bigger than life attitude, I hope you have a wonderful day. You are now 3...going on 30. And while this morning wasn't the birthday morning of joy I had hoped for, it has made me realise that you certainly are no longer a baby and I will have to accept that.

Can I just say that the arrival of your 3yo attitude, this morning, was a bit over the top? Feel free to keep that under your bed...and not bring it out. Ever.

But wild moods aside, I'm really looking forward to tonight when we get your special cake from The Cheesecake Factory, light 3 candles on top and sing to you. You love singing and blowing out candles - so you're lucky to have been born to parents who are happy to ignore their own tone-deaf attempts at 'singing' and like to have candles in the house.

Your party on Saturday should be a blast - a Mickey Mouse Club House themed joint party with your friend, K. We've done joint parties since you were both 2 - you're only 4 days apart anyway. This year it was K's turn to choose the theme, and luckily you've discovered the Disney Junior channel and have embraced Mickey Mouse Club House with gusto. You like to be Minnie Mouse, but she hangs out at the Club House, so it's all good.

Mummy and Aunty T spent a lot of time hand making the invites again this year. And we're quite proud of them actually. I've kept one to add to your scrapbook of memories so you can look back and shake your head at the rediculous amount of time spent creating invites.

And we'll keep doing crazy stuff like this until you beg us to stop...
I hope you and your friends at daycare like the cake I made. It wasn't burnt and I only had to use sprinkles to cover one layer of failed iced writing. The Happy 3rd Birthday looked more like 'Hipot 3lg Blrytfgot' so I just covered it and tried again. Still wasn't great, but at least you could tell what it said.

By the time you're 15 I might be able to produce something you won't want to throw under a passing bus. I hope.

But that's why we always get yummy Cheesecake Shop cake for home. That and the fact that your poor Daddy can't eat any more bad food cake. His stomach probably has ulcers on ulcers.

This makes daycare my only testing platform, and that could be regarded as human experimentation, but I have no choice as mice won't go near my cooking.

So  'Hipot 3lg Blrytfgot' special girl - may you have a wonderful day and develop better skills in the kitchen that your Mummy.

Love always and forever,

Mummy and Daddy

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