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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Disorganised. It's a way of life...

The Toddler turns 3 tomorrow. I suppose that means I have to officially stop calling her The Toddler. So Miss E shall be her new alias.

But not until 2:56pm tomorrow.

I may or may not be coping with her turning 3. I don't want to stop her growing up, but I do want to stop time occasionally, just so I can catch my breath. Time moves so quickly, and this last 12 months has gone especially swiftly in our household.

Which is one reason I like to think I am always so disorganised. Events creep up on me and then leap out of my diary, screaming 'SURPRISE!!'

I am fully aware that birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas all have their standard days in the year. I know that The Toddler's birthday is on the same day in January every year. The Office of Births, Deaths and Marriages does not send out random text messages saying 'Congrats! This year we have determined that tomorrow will be the 2012 birthday of your child!'

And yet, here I am on January 18 - and I still haven't made the cake for daycare (although if last year was anything to go by, that could be a blessing. Toilet duck flavour, anyone?), finished birthday shopping or anything.

I am just as disorganised at Christmas, with The Guru's birthday, our wedding's a gift being this scatter-brained.

So tonight I'll be picking up a packet cake from Coles (again, the Toilet Duck cake still haunts me...and The Guru's taste buds. They've never fully recovered.) and running into Target for a few last minute gift ideas. I don't know what those ideas are - it all depends on what Target has available.

So wish me luck, and pray that packet cakes don't require me to add Baking powder/Soda or any variation.

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