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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Cupcakes in the Oven...

**This is a sponsored post for Wholeberry Folk. I was provided with a sample of their Banana Split cupcake packet mix**

I've never been one for talent in the kitchen. The Man has forbidden me from ever attempting lasagne again, since every attempt has been regarded as a potential mass poisoning.

It's not my fault. I blame the oven. In every house we have ever lived in.

However, since becoming a full time SAHM, I have found myself in the kitchen more often. Through choice. But I have to confess that a majority of the goods coming from the kitchen are of the baked goodie variety.

Yes, I do make proper meals - but to be honest sometimes I wish I could serve chocolate cake for dinner, because that is a crap load more satisfying to make.

Recently I was approached to try a new brand of packet mix cupcake. Packet mixes are fantastic for when Miss 4 is desperate to help me make something, but I'm short on time and 20 minutes to measure out 1 cup of flour just isn't going to happen.

The Wholeberry Folk is proudly Australian made and owned, are preservative and additive free, and use spelt flour. Can you say 'terrifying mother's groups, judge no more my baked goodies!!'

These products are nut free, but do contain gluten (spelt, which is easier to digest and more soluble than traditional wheat gluten) and are made on a production line that produces products that contain milk products, gluten and soy.

I am always in a panic when I have to send food to preschool to share. I'm paranoid about children with allergies or intolerances and I don't want to be responsible for someone going home with explosive diarrhoea (or, god forbid, being hospitalised from an allergic reaction).

The butter in the recipe can be substituted for coconut oil, and milk for a dairy alternative so it's appropriate for vegans, too! My cousin would be thrilled - this is as close to vegan as I will probably ever be.

Miss 4 was ecstatic to be trying out the Wholeberry Folk Banana Split cupcakes, and they were straight forward to make. I loved it because it meant she could be fairly independent in putting the mix together, and she LOVES independence these days.

They were delicious...well, I'm assuming they were - I sure as hell didn't get any!!

If you want to be able to make yummy food that you won't gt a chance to eat, you can find the Wholeberry Folk range at Woolworths, retailing for $6.49.

Happy baking!!


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