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Monday, 6 September 2010

Father's Day, The Internet and DIY

So yesterday was Father's Day. And the Toddler and I rocked it.

In terms of gifts, we may have hit a high that cannot be repeated. Because foam stubbie holders painted by your 19mth old with a photo of you and her glued on it cannot be done again. That time has passed into the pages of history.

Same as she cannot go back and re-make your rice-bubble snack bar, wrapped in yellow cellophane and put in said stubbie holder. Nor can she re-bake the 2 gingerbread man cookies decorated like 'Daddy'.

And I sure as hell won't be able to get Powderfinger concert tickets again! The lack of internet at home currently means I have to live my internet life at work. And it means I have to do all my online shopping at work. So when I went to The Darwin Entertainment Centre and they told me there were only a few tickets left, but I had to get them online I nearly broke the land speed record for a woman in high heels to get back to the office. I almost lost fingertips due to the heat generated by my frenzied typing, searching for these tickets. Flames were building and keyboards melting...I could feel other people logging on and typing until their fingers bled trying to get tickets before me...

Well, I beat them. Hehehehehehehe.....

But I have to say, the Guru earnt it all...and then some!

He finished painting the Toddlers room, hung her birth certificate and her hand and feet sculptures and her name on her walls. He also hung her new blind. The room is complete and fabulous thanks to his wonderful DIY skills.

We then proceeded to the 'building of evil', also known as Casuarina. Shopping centres aren't the Guru's most favourtie thing in the world. Parking usually brings on some serious forehead vein bulging, blood-pressure increasing, cold sweat inducing, fearsome car manoevers and car park stealing techniques that even the most hardened race car driver would need to change his jocks over.

But once that's accomplished we can swagger in and shop, safe in the knowledge that our tyre-screeching entrance to the car park is on a security tape that probably isn't even monitored.

3 Peter Morrissey shirts for the Guru, a phone cover for me and an iPod dock/radio thing for the Toddler's room later we were done. I would have happily continued but apparently it's rude to shop on a day when you're supposed to be acknowleding your own father figure.

And so we depart the car park (in another jock staining extravaganza) and head off to the Guru's parents first. Fair enough considering my Dad got called in to work and so wasn't home until later anyway.

It was all lovely and smooth sailing, and from there we head off to my parents.

Have a chat, chill out, drink coffee, laugh and then head home for dinner.

We were supposed to have Taco's.  But for some strange reason time decided to fast forward. Due to the Guru and I doing some last minute touches to the Toddler's room which we thought of on the drive home. And so, when the Toddler decided she'd been patient long enough, the clock was looked at, and looked at again in disbelief and baked beans were served. And devoured. And smeared.

A bath notice was then issued and completed, followed by 2 stories and a semi-awake toddler was placed in her bed and drifted off to noddy land.

Our evening then progressed to laundry (which I had conveniently forgotten to get done the day before, so I was now in Sunday night laundry panic) and the Guru did an evening run to Maccas. Yeah, not the most fabulous Fathers Day cuisine...but it got the job done.

And while eating dinner we decided we'd try the biggest project of our lounge room.

We decided to mount the Plasma to the wall.

And I'd like to mention that using a stud finder isn't actually as helpful as you might imagine. Particularly when yours is telling you that your studs are 3cm apart and 16 feet wide giving you the impression that you entire wall might well be made of stud. Stud finder - Fail.

But we pushed on...and drilled and bolted and bolted some more. Until at 11pm on Sunday 5 September 2010 the Guru's dream of having a wall mounted plasma screen was realised.

And I am proud to report that it was still attached to the wall this morning and I no longer have to Windex small hand prints off the glass.

Oh Father's Day - you were so productive this year that I believe I would like you to visit more often. And next time, feel free to bring a builder with you to create that second storey...


  1. Hey I didn't know you were in Darwin!

    I had my car for a month before getting a huge dent down the side, trying to get a park at Cas.
    My mother-inlaw works at a shop in Cas too lol

    SOunds like you's had a good fathers day!

  2. Haha, that's cool! Good to know there's another blogger coolin' their heels in Darwin too :) Don't ya love it when those inconsiderate, hoons crunch your car at Cas...sigh, and you know if you had a smashed up bomb there'd be no one for fity feet either side of you!


Thanks for the comment - it helps validate the fact that I'm not just talking to myself.

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