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Monday, 4 October 2010


So this post is going to be a complete 'poor me' job. Sorry, I'm just putting it out there like it is. That way, if you're not in the mood you can navigate away and come back another day for a cheery post when my Xanax has kicked in...hang on, what?

So we got an invite in the mail from a very good friend of ours who is getting married at the end of this month. I would love to go. I REALLY would. But right now, with the house and all, we're trying not to overdo it financially and airfares from Darwin to Adelaide require a blood and black market internal organs.

Because Qantas have us by the balls. And if you fly Virgin Blue you have to travel for a full day visiting every capital city in Australia on the way. And pay an extra zillion dollars for the privilege**.

Jetstar is fine - if you don't mind flying at the worst times known to man. And I'm sorry, I want to travel in comfort and at a decent hour. Arriving 2 hours before the wedding and having to fly back 3 hours after it finishes to get a cheap flight is not the best idea I can think of.

So, we've made the decision not to go.

And this brings up the whole stinging ouch of another Adelaide wedding we missed...just over a year the Adelaide Zoo. And from the photo's Tam (you can visit her at Madomi...I've mentioned Tam LOADS of times!) has shown me it was fabulous and I am still bitterly disappointed that we weren't there.

And I still feel like a shite friend for not being there. But Tam is forgiving on a whole other level...and thank god for that!

So not being able to go to this wedding is extra stingy for previous memories, and new ones we'll be missing.

Which then brings me to a whole new level of  'why the hell did we move here? I want to go back to Adelaide where most of my friends are and I can shop regularly in Myer again. DARWIN IS CRAP'.

Yeah - it just starts a whole spiral of hatred for our location. Which is somewhat ironic since we just bought a house here. And buying a house generally means you're happy living where you are.

Well, not today. Today, it sucks.

So, in an effort to try and regain some sort of standing in my friends lives, I am going to be taking home some suggestions at trips to Adelaide in the New Year. Because it's total rubbish that we've missed weddings, births, various parties and other fun things...including the joy of being in the same place as my friends when we all have small children.

I guess it's that childhood always think you'll be in the same place and that you'll all get married, have children and grow up around eachother...

And I'll admit it. I miss having more than 2 variations to the weather. Because rain or no rain but bloody HOT all the time is not as cool as it was when we first got here, all pasty white, fresh off the plane from winter-ish hell. But I know that the chill of an Adelaide winter would probably kill me now.

But the reality is life takes you in all sorts of directions and you can't predict where that will be. It could be 1km away, it could be 1 million km's away. And who knows, maybe distance and not being there day to day doesn't matter so much.

But when it comes to important milestones for friends and family I feel the pull of my hometown...and I want to be back there so badly...

So I will continue with the solution of a New Year's visit. Because it will attempt to soothe the sting.

**Richard Branson - you can kiss my arse. You're a billionaire, and you gave a free flight to the obscure brother of Sylvester Stallone because Hamish & Andy think his music is good. Well, how's about helping a sister out and schlepping the free tickets over this way?

 My friends wedding is a WAY better cause than some guy who did the music for the Rocky movies. And god knows there were too many of those. Besides, his brother is Sylvester Stallone! How's about he moves into Sylv's basement and leeches off him for a bit?

 Oh wait...right...the movie music opportunity...maybe that was the beginning of the end for the leeching??


  1. It sucks when everyone is so far away. But I bet once you go for a visit you'll realise why you left in the first place!

  2. I am a new follower and I would love a follow back!!

  3. Jetstar is EVIL and I do believe no longer operate in Darwin.

    As a person who has returned to two childhood homes. A lot of things change and you remember that the grass is always greener on the other side, but its usually an illusion.

    Also, hugs. Lots of hugs.

  4. Big hugs to you! If you want to moan and groan then bring it on girlfriend! I think you have a right since you're so far away from your friends x

  5. Hugs honey. That sucks hairy dogs balls. Hoping the good folk at Virgin Blue read this and come to your party, or get you to the wedding ;)

  6. Hi There! I totally understand where you're coming from. We live on the West Coast of Canada...and our family is on the East Coast. And while Canada isn't as big as Australia, it's still a whole lot of country to have between you and the ones you love! I've missed so many things, including my sister's wedding, because we are so far away and flights are so darn expensive. Like yourself, I make myself feel better by planning trips for when I can eventually get home!

    I'm visiting from Meet Me Monday. Have a great day!

  7. Hello! Stopping by to follow your Blog today :-)

    Carrie A Groff
    Living a Healthy Beach Life


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