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Friday, 1 October 2010

Friday Fluff

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This is how I feel today. Completely backwards and unprepared for the day. Why, you ask? Because my stupid work has done something dumb and I can no longer upload pics to my blog from my work computer.

I can upload pictures from the internet, but nothing saved to my computer. And then they've gone and blocked things like PhotoBucket.

Yeah - no blog blocking - but they've thwarted my attempts to live my blog life at work all the same.

Apparently paying me to be here 5 days out of 7 means they can tell me what I have to do.


Thanks Google! You give life to my feelings...
 So I am going to have to leave this Friday Fluff as a non-personal one and go back to doing work...or I might make myself a super mug of coffee and read magazines while I wait for it to brew.

Because coffee takes a long time to brew...


  1. Curse them evil work people!

  2. I'll bet it takes even longer when you have to deal with being micromanaged by work ;-)


Thanks for the comment - it helps validate the fact that I'm not just talking to myself.

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