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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Shape Up - Week...

...okay, so it's been a while since I popped in an update about this.

And excuses aside (emotional turmoil, sick kidlet, more turmoil, man-flu sufferer sympathy requirements, Christmas hyperventialition) I have been trying to be good.


It's amazing how feeling emotionally wrought can help your appetite.

Now, I don't have any measurement's to share - so I'm sorry about that. But I will have new measurements to share next week (and if there is a higher power, now would be the time to strike my hips and thighs with lightning!!)

But I do have a development to share with you all today.

And no, I'm not getting lipo (although if a cosmetic surgeon is trolling blogs looking for someone to do an extreme makeover on...) but...


Yep, those words even stun me. Ever since I was 39 weeks pregnant my daily exercise regime consisted of walking up and down the front steps of our house if I had to do washing. Otherwise it was a matter of heaving myself off the couch to visit the loo, the fridge, the pantry, back to the loo and then the couch for a bit longer.

So when a friend of mine said her work provides a gym in her building for the employees (I gotta get a Government job, Government funded is just shite in comparison) and that she would buzz me into the fortress of Governmental workers to attend with her - FOR FREE - I did a jig.

Now, I work for a health organisation. And I'll admit I am one of the biggest girls here. But that's because I'm not a coffee swilling, cigarette eating, diet pill chugging lunatic. Okay, well I'm a coffee swilling lunatic, but that's as hard core as I get.

My team leader is a wonderful role model - she goes to the gym 3-5 times a week and eats well but still goes out and has fun and eats yummy food when she's out to dinner. She's happy! And I'll admit, her example is inspiring for many reasons and it is my mission to drop a bit of weight but overall start to feel good about myself again.

To have that spring in my step...

Pic from here
 Because currently I look like this when I drag myself to my desk in the morning...

Pic from here
 But the trick is to remember that my display of gym-based total un-coordinated dorkishness...

Pic from here
 Will lead me to being more like this...

Pic from here
Oh yeah, I'm gonna have buns of steel that I can use to open jar lids, baby!


  1. Yay for free gym membership, go you good thing!

  2. WOW free gym membership would your friend like another friend to take Jokes.
    All jokes aside good luck with it and remember to have fun while your at the gym.


Thanks for the comment - it helps validate the fact that I'm not just talking to myself.

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