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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Tuesday Fluff - 'cos I've no idea where Friday went...

or the weekend for that matter!

Oh wait, Saturday and the early hours of Sunday morning were spent out to dinner with friends.

But that aside, I have no idea what I did! I was doing washing at stupid hours on Sunday night....and snuck some in yesterday since I was home.

The guru is impressed with the echoing silence in our home at the moment. I have laryngitis.

The Toddler does not - and she feels the need to fill these extended silences from me with random noise. Hey, whatever floats your boat, baby girl.

So, just quickly I'm gonna do the fluff thang...

No one can rock plastic pumpkin basket earrings like my little one. I'm just saying.

SO - here I am. It's 3pm and I've done some work related stuff on the computer, gone to the gym and have come back to work. As far as productive days go, this one is right up the top with the day I gave birth.

I have fully realised that I've been mega slack with this blog lately. There have been as many extended silences on here as there have been in my office today. Which is highly unusual.

But for some reason nothing lately seemed blog-worthy. Or if they did, they seemed slightly too whingy so I didn't pop them up. I went on a mass delete of all the half started posts that went nowhere and found myself back to staring at a blank screen.


Maybe I have to get my blogging mojo back on track? Making sure I actually put Fluff up on Friday, doing Spruikers Sunday on time...and then try to fill in the rest of the week before I can go to FYBF.

But I do have to say I am putting a massive THANK YOU out there to the following amazing people who have brightened my day...

Mrs Woog - Got the Cocktails at Naptime you sent and I may or may not have completely ignored my child while I bummed on the couch and read it cover to cover in a day. My stomach muscles thank you for the work out but my child may or may not be sending 'WTF have you done to my Mum!?' mail to you. But this will be up to your interpretation as it is simply crayon scribble...on the back of a Special K box. Maybe. 
Also, winning a copy of Corrine Grant's book was another highlight that my husband will have to work very hard to erase at Christmas.

The Husband - For accepting the 3 items listed on my Christmas wishlist...and recognising without having to ask that they are not negotiable, optional or solitary and that if all 3 are under the tree he might get sex.

The Toddler - For making the most of Mummy being silent. Sitting on benches and using the tea/coffee/sugar jars as Bob Marley bongo drums while I wash dishes. Reminding me I need to clean out cupboards by emptying them of their contents and then showing me proudly how everything in the pantry can cover the kitchen floor. By finding the cash register that speaks Spanish and is girlish-ly high pitched and LOUD and playing the one phrase over and over and over and over and OVER AGAIN (remind me to thank your grandparents for finding that for you...).
For making me look forward to the day when my voice returns and I can say 'confiscated' again in an audible tone over the voice of that Spanish biatch.

And for blatantly ignoring my pathetic attempts at miming responses to your questions and for not being scared when the miming causes the car to swerve.

So there you go - all caught up for a Tuesday afternoon.

Now to find something to crap on about for tomorrow.

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  1. Such a cute pic. She's such a fashionista.

    Hope you feel better soon xxx


Thanks for the comment - it helps validate the fact that I'm not just talking to myself.

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