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Monday, 6 December 2010

Friday Fluff & a bit of a ramble

So I did actually write this on Friday - but apprently I forgot to press the publish button...

Well - T.G.I.F everyone! I thought it would never get here - or at least, but the time it did, I'd be dead.

Yeah, that's rather dramatic but that's been my week so I'm rollin' with it.

And so - to the Friday Fluff!!

Ah, my little Picasso.

The Toddler and the Guru spent a weekend making a giant, custom toybox for the lounge room. The Toddler loved being able to paint it all by herself. I know she's proud because whenever someone comes over the first thing she does is drag them to the toybox and screech "I paint toybox! My hands! Daddy help too!"

Good to know his input wasn't totally overlooked. But I think if the Coles delivery man has to smile and pretend to be excited over the toybox again, well, our groceries may just be flung into the driveway as the truck races past.

But I do love the toybox and because it's custom it's just the right height and size for everything.

The smaller box down the end was a 'Guru Trademark' and is for all her building blocks. As a result they stay separate from all her other toys, but they're not stored in boxes or bags that are too heavy for her to lift out of the toybox.

When he explained it to me, it was another reminder of why he's such an amazing Dad and Husband.

And so - I will be doing what every good 'other half' will be doing over the lead up to Xmas.

No...nothing THAT dirty - honestly, it was a toybox people - not even a 1ct Solitaire on my hand would get me going THERE.

What I meant was that I will be entering the Great Realm of Man-Stuff... and purchasing power tools.

Specifically an edge trimmer/whipper snipper thingy and something that will blow and suck...LEAVES!

Honestly, you're all filthy.  Moving on...

But I have no idea what I'm doing. An aisle at Bunnings can have me so overwhelmed with choice that I need a therapy session to choose between a matte or satin finish paint.

Brands mean nothing to me because as far as I know they're all made in China by the same people - they just rotate the branding stickers.

(and speaking of things made in China - did you know Margarine is 1 chemical away from plastic? Yep - think about that the next time you're lathering up your crumpet!)

So where to start?? Who to ask? WHAT DO I DO?

And don't say ask the Bunnings people. The last time we were there and I asked where I could find the ladies toilet, they took me around to the display bathroom.

A lovely gesture - but I don't do spectator sports.

Maybe if I start out slow, flick through some junk mail catalogues, get some ideas, then I'll feel brave enough to tackle the idea of actually making a purchase - and possibly encourtering another Bunnings employee.

And I'll keep the receipts, so when it's wrong I can exchange it for what he actually asked for.

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  1. That toybox is awesome!

    I've been trying to tell john about the Marg stuff for a year. And he still eats the crap. So frustrating.

    And I know our Coles delivery dude braces himself before entering our property. The barrage of conversation from Munchkin is relentless! But they seem to take it in their stride pretty well hehe.


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