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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Last Minute Gifts (and future therapy)

Tomorrow, the Toddler turns 2.

And aside from crying myself to sleep, I will be making a giant cupcake to ice and deliver with her to Daycare tomorrow, wrapping a present (or two three four quantity unknown) and hoping that the sniffle she's caught will clear up in time for her to enjoy her party on Saturday.

Aside from the gifts we are saving for her birthday, I have decided that it would be awful not to give her something on her actual special day.

Cue - crazy, looney, over-the-top, present purchasing Mum.

I have been thinking about it, and due to the Toddler's fascination with babies, changing nappies, potty's etc etc we are going to get her a Baby Alive Doll Baby Born with Magic Potty doll (EDIT: turns out that Baby Born isn't available in Darwin at the moment - stock delivery issues) and a brand new pair of shoes (remember the shoe fettish I mentioned yesterday - well, blame my Mum for encouraging her this time, she bought the Toddler her very first pair of sneakers (trainers for those non-Aussies).

Yeah, I know - the doll's for children 3yrs and up (I'm ignoring all the eye rolling about the shoes).

But I figure I'm older than 3 and worst case scenario I brush up on my mothering skills with newborns all over again.

Yes, it has occurred to me that this present may be more about my fascination with these dolls. than anything else.

I guess I always wanted one as a child - and now that I have a daughter I seem to be on a mission to give her everything I wanted as a child, whether she wants it/likes it/is old enough for it or not.

Tragic? Yes. Expensive? The Guru says 'hell yes!'. Satisfying? Absolutely. Cures working mother's guilt? Not really (it keeps me distracted!), but she can't look back on her childhood and say she was unloved considering she's surrounded by mountains of stuff, can she?

Probably. The therapist will tell me in 15 years that the Toddler feels I tried to fill the void with stuff and it didn't work.

Maybe I should stop buying the stuff and start saving for the family therapist?

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