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Friday, 18 February 2011

Friday Fluff - The Cyclone Edition


So, it's been a soggy and bloody windy week here in sunny Darwin. And what, do you ask, does our family do while waiting for crap-tacular weather to pass?

Well, we do many things...

We paint

We test out new chalk

We cook (and although it's plastic, her cooking still tastes better than mine)

And we have many, many, MANY bubble baths with too many bubbles and all our pool toys (most of which are buried beneath the bubbles)
 We also completely ignored housework, ate too much, played chasey and peek-a-boo with the cats and had toddler tantrums over not being allowed outside. Because apparently it's silly of me to not want her out there in 110km/hr winds.

We had cat tantrums over wanting to poop outside and not in the emergency litter tray. Well, they can't bury it faster than the wind can snatch it.

And I had tantrums over being home and suffering cabin fever with the Toddler. Being cooped up for 3 days sucks.

Other tantrums included:
  • The Guru still having to go to work, and me wanting to call his boss and yell. A lot. 
  • Being sad as I watched more trees fall in the wild weather. Particularly the large one in our yard which flattened one of our fence lines. And it's on the dodgy neighbour side.
  • Power flicking on and off. How on earth am I supposed to catch up on Dr Quinn while the Toddler naps if the bloody power doesn't stay ON!?
  • Being back at work to find my office floor flooded, smelling like musty cat pee and the office lights flickering. I'm going to have an epileptic fit any minute now...or suddenly break my best dance moves in the disco lighting.
  • Being back at work and finding that the water didn't damage anything essential to my job, so I can't sit around in the tea room with coffee and magazines. Was it really too much to ask?? Apparently, yes.
So there you have it, our week in a nut shell.

Sure, this time we didn't have a cyclone party - but there's always next year.

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