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Friday, 11 February 2011

Polly Dolly: Love by the Seaside

Love by the Seaside

So, playing along with Danimezza today - and she's asked us to consider Valentines Day.

For me, it would be spent at the beach. The Guru proposed on the beach, and the Toddler loves to run on the sand and explore and chase the water as it ebbs in and out along the shoreline.

This outfit would be my dream outfit - the dress is perfect for floating in the breeze and to grab in my hand as I run in and out of the water with the little one while the Guru sits on the sand laughing with us.

Simple makeup, a cute hat for emphasis and some pretty jewellry to remind me of what I already know. The shoes are just a bit of bling, because I love them.

We'd have a picnic like we did that evening back in 2006 and watch the sun go down. I'd snap pictures of the Toddler and the Guru playing, building sandcastles and laughing.

The entire scenario in my mind gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling. Like something out of a movie, or really expensive perfume advertisement on telly.

Ah, the bliss of my imagination...

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