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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

My Favourites

I thought I might introduce you all to some favourites I have happening at the moment. With all the destruction happening in our country right now, I kind of feel the need to do a warm, fuzzy post of nothingness.

Much like Maxabella reminds us to be grateful - today I'm reminding you all of your favourite things by showing you mine.

So, we begin with my newest blogging pal - without whom this blog of wonder wouldn't really be...

This is Polly. Not to be confused with my red Kitchen Aid who is Poppy.

The Guru chooses not to acknowledge it when I give appliances, and other inanimate objects, names. But he still enjoys those awful Transformers movies. Hmpf.

Polly is wonderful and I have to say, whenever I go to do some work on the computer, the cover makes me smile and I enjoy working just that little bit more.

Next is a piece of jewelry that I have had glued to me since it arrived...

This is my Vintage Pearl necklace. And I love it because I feel like I have a piece of my family with me no matter where I am.

At the moment the Toddler enjoys coming up to me and giving me snuggles, which then leads to her playing with my necklace. She always seems fascinated by the pearl. And I thought it was just child-like curiosity. Until she put the pearl in her mouth one day and then announced 'lollie yukky Mummy'.

Lollies. I should have known.

And speaking of favourite's and lollies - here is my favourite little girl last night parading around at the Guru's parents...

Nappy? You mean a BEANIE mummy!
I know I would look silly like this...but somehow she pulls it off
And this is how the nappy-beanie looks from behind.

Actually Mummy, it's a shirt. Let me show you...
 Yeah - she put the beanie on me. And no, there is no photographic evidence. I screened all electronic devices before we went home, and no has has anything on me. Hah.

Speaking of things on me - I did one of my favourite things this morning. I ignored the clock and spent the morning with my Toddler playing. I was late for work, she was late for day care and I forgot a bunch of stuff. But I didn't care for a minute. Because she went to day care with a smile that she got some time with Mummy.

 This was brought in to me while I was attempting to get dressed...

And it was the discussed how she would like stickers applied to herself, and me, and where she would like them.

I was adorned with an attractive green sticker, which in the world of kitchen design stickers is also a corner pantry. Brilliant - I actually want one of those...just a bit bigger.

Notice my big girl studying the Coles catalogue on the floor? Yeah - she's already reading catalogues at a 4th grade shopaholic level. I'm so proud.

So there you have it. Completely pointless and of no moral or sensible value. But it made me smile and I hope it did the same for you.

Heck, it even made me forget that I'm another year older very soon. Feel free to guess just how old - there's a poll on the top right hand side of my blog. Go on, don't be frightened.

So, the main message to take away today? Go out and remember your favourites, and then tell me what they are, I'd love to know.

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