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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Polly Dolly: Romantically Relaxed

Romantically Relaxed

I love wearing pretty things to bed. Now, I'm honest when I say that most nights I'm rolling into bed in a singlet and knickers - but if I could have one thing it would be a silk chemise, just like this.

The chair reminds me of the armchair we have in the Toddler's room. Except our chair has a cream and cinnamon damask pattern with a matching footstool. One day, I'll move it into the lounge room under a gorgeous tripod lamp with the duck egg blue silk shade. And I'll be able to sit there after I've slathered on my Youth Code (because god knows I have to get started now before my face caves in on itself...) and I can fill in my diary and read a few more pages of Pride and Prejudice before bed.

The pretty cup holds coffee. Yep - I drink coffee before bed. If I didn't, there's no way I'd be able to function on a daily basis. I need the caffeine to get me through the night and manage to stagger my way to more coffee in the morning.

The hair is a replica of mine - except for the colour, of which mine is a deep auburn...thanks to my hairdresser. It costs a bomb to get it done properly, but when my hair is freshly cut and shiny I feel like a million dollars. And in my head, when I have a space to match the one above, I'll also have hair that's perfect everyday.

It's a pretty (caffeine-infused-slightly-frazzled-expensive) picture - sigh, a girl can dream.

Jenny packham
$1,325 -

Kiki de montparnasse
$165 -

Pier 1 Imports - Chas Armchair
$480 -

Linea 15 Faux silk duck egg shade
£24 -

Juliska "Berry & Thread" Tea/Coffee Cup
$22 -

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