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Friday, 16 July 2010

Housework, Blogging and Restless Toddlers

Yep, you guessed it - this is going to be a domestic nature post! And I have decided the housework, blogging and restless toddlers don't agree. At all. So housework can go to the dogs for now, the Toddler I can check on every time she cries out and to fill in the gaps I can be on here!

Why is housework so tiresome? Why does it feel like the more effort you put into cleaning, the harder dirt works to mess up the place? Honestly, I'm convinced that if I left the house for a full week it wouldn't look anywhere near as bad as it would the day after a spring clean. Do the dust balls come out of hiding when I go to bed? Do they hide in corners and dark spaces, planning their attack? Do they have an understanding with the cats, for them to shed heavily overnight while the dust balls develop into tumbling tumbleweeds which would look completely appropriate on any Country and Western film set? Is it only my home that has this terrible ability to make housework seem pointless!?

It's just too hard some days. And as a result I've already decided EXACTLY what I want/need for Xmas. I WANT A ROOMBA ROBOT VACUUM! I want to be able to switch it on, walk out the door and know that the dust balls are being hunted down and sucked up. I can't think of anything more fabulous - or more ME. And good health and long life to the brilliant person/ people who invented this brilliant machine. I doff my cap to you!

And speaking of caps - can I please order a cap on the level of illness this week? Seriously, the Toddler know's I'm currently at my weakest and is taking advantage! The tantrums are at an all time high, and I know it's because she thinks she can get away with it simply by yelling over the top of my voice. Not difficult at the moment, that's for sure.

I think the Toddler is getting advice from the dust balls on how to strike when my guard is down. But I think even without their assistance she'd hit the mark. Children have that uncanny sixth sense (unrelated to ghosts) that means they know when they can make the most of a situation - and if you're sick and weak, they can sense your determination waning and simply wear down your resolve until you cave. Until you're literally begging them to get that toy off the shelf, anything to make the tantrum stop because you're simply too exhausted and mentally crippled to do anything else.

As a result the Toddler has gained a new soft toy...and has had her grandparents wrapped around her finger more then usual. Resulting in many, many lollies, a stomach ache and the restless nights sleep.

I think more nights need to be spent with the grandparent - especially following lolly indulgence days.

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