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Monday, 16 January 2012

Back in the Saddle...

Well, not literally. The last time I tried to get in a saddle, I got half way up and then my leg decided to fail. Cue humiliating face plant with foot still in the stirrup. I'm actually back in the desk chair.

I've fallen off that, too.

Today, I feel like I should be mainlining coffee. Have you ever had one of those crappy night's sleep where you toss, you turn, you flatten the pillow, you fluff it, you poke the husband to stop snoring, you can't sleep without the snoring, you place the pillow over his face to create snoring...a never ending saga of actions that get you no closer to sleep?

I refer to it as a foreboding sense of doom. Like when you know you have to go to the dentist to have work done but you know damn well they'll have run out of happy gas and the nice dentist will have gone home with a headache and you have to see the Sweeney Todd dentist.

Fuck - coming back to work after a long holiday is worse than being hungover. It's worse than being hungover and waking to find the cat has shit on your pillow.

So here I am, 4pm on day 1 of being back at work and I feel like I haven't had a holiday in 10 years. It's like I never left.

Clearly, I need a break.

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