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Thursday, 23 February 2012

February Photo A Day Challenge: Day 23...

Day 23
|My Shoes|
Are never on my feet and live under my desk. It's pretty standard in our office - most people wander around in bare feet unless we have a meeting and then we put them on...but only because we have to.

Yep - we're all class, baby.

It makes me laugh how blasé I am about shoes now. When I lived in Adelaide I was a shoe whore, and I had over 100 pairs all in their original boxes with tissue paper. I even had a photo on the outside of each box so I could see which ones were which at a glance.

These days I have 2 'vital' pairs. My Havaiana thongs and the shoes in the picture which I wear to work. If I don't wear my thongs.

A part of me does miss those days when I would teeter around in ridiculously high shoes that would kill my feet - beauty was pain and all that mattered was that I looked good. BandAid made a LOT of money out of me back then.

But I think, overall, I'm much happier keeping things casual. It's more my style.

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