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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Dear Santa (a.k.a The Husband)

Oh Christmas, you seem to last but a moment, and yet you roll around on the calendar as quickly as you left.

This leaves our bank account very sad.

And yet - each and every year I cannot help but create a list in my mind of those things I would love to find under the tree. Regardless of bank account status. Which I deliberately ignore.

It has come to my attention that I am forever blogging about things I would love to own - but I have decided to make a concerted effort at cutting out the shite and breaking it down to the items I would find vital to my life.

So, this year I am wishing for the following...

This bag from Kinies on Etsy...

Because it will fit my laptop and all the stuff I cart around for the Toddler, plus my own crap all in one stylish bag. And because it is 100% material I won't get so upset at having to throw it in the wash if milk spills through it. And this is an ADVANTAGE for you, darling, because you'll no longer have to spend sleepless nights wondering why I get so upset at having to wash my Guess Leather handbag after a cheese stick has been ground into the lining.
And in this bag, one pocket could contain...

Honestly, you thought I'd forgotten about it didn't you?

And lastly, in another pocket you could include...

Because this is also something you'd benefit from. Jumping into bed with a smooth, aero-dynamic, twin turbo wife will be a vast improvement from the stubbly, turbulent, two-stroke engine wife you have now.
Kind of like trading in a 1960's VW Beetle for a new Lambourghini. The old one might have been comfy, but the new one can get you there faster and you'll look hot when you arrive.

See, I've been very sensible for Christmas this year - Santa won't have to think about hitching a trailer to the sleigh.

Although, if he's going to anyway - he could include one of these...

But it's totally for the Toddler - I'll just babysit it until she's big enough to ride.

Love you! xox

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