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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Fresh Horses Brigade: Bloggers

It's week 3. WEEK 3! The last time I felt this surprised over time passing was in the sleep-deprived haze of new parenthood.

"She's 3 weeks old. 3 WEEKS OLD! And its been that long since I slept 2 minutes together... [insert hysterical sobbing]"

Thankfully I don't feel that way about this.

So this week Eden is asking us "...Tell me why we do it? Who are your favourites...? Who resonates with you?..."

I'm not entirely sure why I blog. As an outlet when family drive me completely INSANE and if I don't get it out on a blog then I'll be serving them arsenic in their coffee? A modern way of keeping a diary? To try and not feel alone on those shite days where mothering feels anything but wonderful?

It's for all of those reasons, and more. And not all of them I can put into words.

In terms of a tribe - well, I'm a mummy blogger and other mummy's journeys appeal to me, usually because we all agree we need something to do whilst our children are watching TV.

I'm also a working mummy with the applicable 'working mother's guilt' attached comfortably to my back as a hunch. And anyone will tell you that it's nice to know you're not the only hunchback out there.

And so, to my top 5!

1. Tam from Madomi. Her blog, sadly, is no more because some chump(s) made her feel bad and so she closed it down. Tam is bright, creative and one hell of a writer. Her girls are our god-daughters, and since they moved away to QLD without me, her blog was the next best way to see what was happening, short of following them and moving in next door. We could chat all day long, but the photo's she posts helps us feel like we still live in the same state. You can totally stalk her on Twitter. I suggest you do - our god-daughters are DIVINE!

2. Kelle from Enjoying The Small Things. I got a link to Kelle's blog at work, because someone had read her post on the birth of her second daughter, Nella. Kelle is honest, open and the way she is with her 2 girls makes me want to be a better Mum and take more photos. She's the Mum I always dreamed I'd be when I was 10. It's a shame reality had to come in and burst the bubble with all its 'you have to pay the bills because you need electricity, water and a home when you have a baby' talk. Pfft.

3. Holly at Good Golly Miss Holly! Not only do we share the same birthday, her blog makes me laugh out loud. She is my blogger kindred spirit in a way (not that she knows that...don't tell her, okay? It might get weird...) because sometimes the things she writes are the same thoughts travelling through my head. She makes me feel a little less crazy, every day.

4. Ali at Hyperbole and a Half. All I can say is if you read, make sure you're wearing a reliable adult nappy. ESPECIALLY if you've had a baby. Kegel exercises won't help you here.

5. Eden at Edenland. Just because.

There's really so many more, which is obvious because my reader is always full of updates from so many different people and I love reading ideas, thoughts and realities from all walks of life.
You never know what difference your words are making to someone in that moment they read them - it could just be the message they were looking for.

And, maybe, that's the whole point.

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