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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day with #GlowsValentines...

Well, it looks like this is a top week for Glowless to encourage us to take Valentines Day into our own hands.

The Guru - well, he totally failed my Birthday on Sunday. Read: no card, no pressie, no nothing. I did all the housework and the washing, made dinner etc. Like it was any standard Sunday.

I think it was about lunch time before he thought to ask Miss 3 if she had given me a birthday kiss and cuddle.

My Mum took pity on him and brought me a card, written from Miss 3, with some massage vouchers inside.

He apologised endlessly and would help me peg out a few shirts to dry. He would look at me with sad eyes as I mopped the floors and would say to me 'You can stop, Sweet, you don't need to do all of this.'

Well, unless he had a housekeeper coming, I was pretty sure I did have to keep going otherwise we'd be living waist high in our own filth. And the tragic thing I've discovered is that, just because it's my birthday, it doesn't mean the chores go away. And apparently it doesn't mean my husband will pick up the slack for 24 hours, either.

Which was a complete and total 'What the Fuck' moment, for me.

In terms of Valentine's Day - we usually don't celebrate it because my birthday is so close, and our wedding anniversary is in March. Given the birthday fail, I have the lowest expectations one could ever have for Valentines Day. If I am still breathing at the end of the day, I will have exceeded those expectations.

But this is meant to be all about loving myself. And thank god for that because it looks like I'm the only who will be!

I'm going to admit that I make a kick-arse cheesecake. And I love that I can make one thing for my family that they will eat, without being cajoled, bribed or force fed.

My cooking leaves a lot to be desired. Such as food content not derived from charcoal. Although if my family did eat more of my cooking, the fart smells would be far less offensive. And it's kinder than forcing charcoal tablets down their throats (picture trying to give a tablet to a rabid cat while a rabid squirrel chews on your head).

But my cheesecake is the best EVER - even though I can burn water.

So there you go - I am completely, 100% in love with myself now, and I want to go home and eat a cheesecake all to myself. Because that's how I roll.


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