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Monday, 26 July 2010

Welcome to the world of debt - please, sit down, you'll be here for a while...

Well, I'm back after my small melt down last week. The concept of stupid people and dodgy parents got me down and I needed some down time to get back to myself and remember why it is that everything is worth..well..everything.

And so the day has arrived - the day when we're signing our lives (souls) away to the bank for a piece of the Australina Dream. Our own home.

At 4pm today I'll be scribbling ink on a wad of paper that will own us. And I'm not afraid to say that I am just a teeny bit scared. Scared of stuffing it all up.

Because when you default on rent, it doesn't feel too bad. You're only depriving your greedy landlord of some cash in the short term. And let's face it - if they can afford a rental property in today's market - they ain't poor people!! But a mortgage where they'll take everything you own, including your knickers to get their money back. Well - that's just a whole new level of 'holy crap'.

The Guru is somewhat shit scared too. So scared that he's prepared to give up smoking so we always know we have enough money to pay for our home. Fair enough (although concerning that he believes he smokes enough to spend a mortgage repayment!). Not an unwelcome result - I've been whinging at him for years to give up. If I had known all it would take was a shite load of debt - hell, I would have tried harder to spend more time in Myer!!

But I get the feeling that the same terrifying loyalty to debt repayment wouldn't count if it was the result of a terrible shoe/perfume/make-up/clothing/accessory spending binge. Which is sad.

And yet, you can't live in a shoe, or a perfume bottle or in a handbag. So the house really does deserve all this dedication. Although if someone said to me I could live in a pair of Manolo Blahnik's, I think my life would be complete...almost.

And it is with that thought that I leave this and pack up to start the next chapter of our lives. And yes, while it's not a Manolo Blahnik house, it's even better than that. Because I'll be living in it with my own little family - and they make me complete.

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